You don’t always have to be thankful that it isn’t worse – Chronic Illness Challenge, Day 29. 

What helps you to cope with the stress of this lifestyle? 

Today is going to be another shot and sweet entry I’m afraid. I woke up 5am with a temp of over 40 so I’m feeling pretty rubbish. 

Anyway to answer the question a few things:

  • Writing EVERYTHING down. Brain fog means I forget easily and then anxiety means I worry about what I’ve forgotten. So I write everything I need to remember (or even may need to remember) down. What ever time of the day (or night) it might be). 
  • Budgeting. One of my biggest anxiety trigger is money, it would be a billion times worse if I didn’t keep such a close eye on what I’m spending. I know what comes out when, what needs to go where, what needs to be saved as emergency money and what needs to be kept back in case Wildchild needs anything. My budget is written down so I can remind myself when I’m having a bad brain fog time and if I still can’t think through it I can show it to someone else. 
  • Understanding support system. Being able to open up and really talk honestly to someone about how you’re feeling can be incredibly helpful. The majority (not all but most) of my support network are online. They  are reliable, honest people who may or may not have an understanding chronic Illness but are always, ALWAYS, there to listen when I need an ear. They will be honest with me and give me good advice. 
  • Being honest with myself. I now firmly believe that feel guilty for having days where you are sick of your conditions, depressed and just want to be normal is entirely counterproductive. I am NOT normal, I HATE being in pain, I HATE having so many physical limitations, I HATE being stuck in the house, I HATE my chronic collection and it DOES totally suck sometimes. Sometimes I am NOT okay and that IS okay! Sometimes I need to let myself be upset, I need to let myself grieve so that the next day (or the day after) I can get up (metaphorically speaking) dust myself off and get on with getting on. 
  • Focusing on what YOU can do NOT what you can’t. 
  • My family. Especially WildChild. 

Sorry it’s so short. I just can’t manage anymore today. I hope it makes sense! 😘