Take that chronic collection! – Chronic Illness Challenge, Day 28 

Name five things you have achieved despite being ill.

Okay, here goes in reverse order:

5) I still got my degree in Midwifery. Granted I cannot practice as I don’t have a PIN number but I am so happy that I managed to get to the end of the degree. Perhaps one day they will find a cure, and it’ll never be too late for me to try again.

4) Move out. – When I first got sick I thought that leaving my childhood home would be impossible. Thankfully I was wrong!

3) I have job. Okay so it took me a decade to find one that I could manage, it had to be basically written around me and it’s only for 3 years but I am useful to society again. I can help people and I can use my experiences to do so, and that, that almost makes everything worth it.

2) Getting Married – I didn’t think I would when I started to get ill. I kept informing Chris that I was a burden and that he was missing out on being young because of me. Just because I was sick and didn’t get to go out or have fun didn’t mean he shouldn’t. I told him to leave me multiple times, I think I even begged him to once. He knew I was asking him because it was better for him and he didn’t exactly agree with me. I’m glad he didn’t! We got married in 2008 and I even managed to walk down the isle! With my actual legs.

1) Becoming a Mum. This is something I honestly, totally, completely and utterly viewed as an impossibility. Not only was I told that I would be unable to get pregnant on the extensive meds I was on, but I was convinced my body could not hold on to a pregnancy, but Wildchild had other ideas! Probably a good thing as I would NEVER be without her, she is my reason to fight, to carry on. Okay so pregnancy wasn’t easy, my GAD made an appearance for the first time (don’t get me wrong I would rather it would be bad in pregnancy than bad when I’m not pregnant), I was hospitalised, I bled a lot at 34 weeks and was gestational diabetic. But I would do it all again in a heartbeat just to have her. Will I have any other children, I won’t rule it out, but I doubt I’ll ever be fully capable of making an actual decision to do so. As far as I’m concerned I am beyond lucky to have Wildchild and I’m so happy!