Toes, knees, shoulders and head – Chronic Illness Challenge, Day 30! 

Finally, starting with your toes and working your way up to your head, name each body part and how you Illness effects it, then say something you like about it. 

Well this could be interesting! 

  • Toes – my illnesses cause problems with all my joints and muscles, but, specific to my toes (lol)… lets see. I fall a LOT (according to the fall prevention team) and once fell down the stairs and broke my toe. Also when my immune system is particularly bad my toe nails fall off (ewww!). Things I like about them, erm.. I only broke the one, I have another 9 and at least it wasn’t a broken leg. 
  • Ankles – once again with the joints and muscles. My right ankle is more of a problem than my left, it crunches if I move it too fast and gives way when it fancies it. I like the fact that the left one doesn’t do that! 
  • Knees – my knees are both problematic, they like to give way when they fancy it. I suffer from water on the knee on the right one but strangly not the left, it needs draining sometimes but I mostly deal with it. I like that my knees aren’t badly affected joints! 
  • Legs – legs in general. My muscles are all weak, partly directly to do with the illness, partly because of time spent wheelchair and be bound. They take a while to get moving every morning and sometimes they refuse point blank to accept any body weight at all. Sometimes I am left completely unable to weight bare on them and I am almost always using some kind of walking aid to get around (mainly upstairs where I can’t get my wheelchair). I’m usually in some kind of pain In them.  Good things about my legs, they usually WILL weight bare, usually with the help of my wheelchair and walking aids they do let me somewhat independent. 
  • Hips – I have pirifotmis syndrome which  causes problems with the muscles that connect the hips to the base of the spine. I am always in pain with my hips or my back and my right hip dislocates a lot. But I have quite wide hips which I like because I think it helped with my pregnancy with Wildchild. 
  • Stomach (and all the stuff in it lol) – I have IBS and gastritis which makes it eating a bit annoying. But I like the fact that these conditions are manageable and that my body provides a home for Wildchild. 
  • Chest – I have asthma and problems with the muscles between my ribs. But I’ve always liked my boobs! 
  • Neck/back – my spine is curved in two places, causing my ribs to be deformed, my neck curves the wrong way and I have an anteriorly slipped disc in my lower back. However I do have this chunk of apparently perfect spine in the middle of my back. I’m very proud of my perfect bit!!!! 
  • Arms/wrists and hands – my arms like to jerk and twitch uncontrollably, which often causes me to throw things. It’s embarrassing, annoying and dangerous. I have had tendinitis in my right wrist since I was in high school. But I like what I can use my hands to create, to craft and to crochet. 
  • Head – I have cervicogenic and thunderclap headaches, which are not fun. I also have almost costant brain fog to differing levels of severity. I do however like the creativity that comes out of my brain. The side of my brain that allows me to live in the fantasy worlds of audiobooks! 

So, that the 30 day challenge done! I’m so proud I managed to do it! I came out of the chronic Illness closet! It’s been a difficult experience, hard to write, probably hard to read and I’ve (sadly) lost a few friends along the way. But overall, I think, it’s been worth it to raise a tiny bit of awareness of what life is REALLY like with a chronic Illness. 

Thank you for reading and following me on this journey. I’ll take a few days and then I’ll be back. My dad wants to guest blog and tell people what it’s like from his perspective! Which will be interesting to read! 

See you soon!!! 


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