With a pinch of salt – Chronic Illness Challenge, Day 21 

What networks or websites have you used for support or information about your illness?

Well yesterday I talked about my favourite and the website (and community) I found most useful when I first got sick AYME. It provides community support for young people with ME up to the age of 24, but is also a brilliant source for information about ME and areas that are particularly relevant to young people with ME (such as advice about explaining to schools, friends and university). 

I have also used the ME Association as a source for information as well as Solve CFS and ME Research but they are more for investigation and research than for support. 

When it comes to Fibromyalgia I have been know to use Fibromyalgia Action UK and Fibroduck Foundation for support and information. 

Other websites I’ve found useful over the years for things like Astma, Allergies, Anxiety and Depression include;

Websites for medical information include NHS ChoicesElectric Medicines Compendium and WEB MD UK.

And I’ve got help with medical related bill reductions and/or benefits from Turn2Us and Citizens Advice

There are many Facebook groups and pages that provide support and information and I have been given ideas, research and found friends on many of them. 

It is important to note that any information you find on the internet could be anything from biased to outright lies. The websites I have listed above are all trustworthy but until you know enough about your condition/s to tell truth from lies make sure you stick to sites scientifically backed up. 

And whilst forewarned is forearmed and information is vital to managing most chronic conditions always take information gathered with a pinch of salt. Mix it with your own knowledge and experiences, search for information backed up by scientific research.


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