Just Keep Swimming – Chronic Illness Challenge Day 7. 

What is the biggest realisation you’ve had?

Wow. I’ve had a few over the long years I have had my collection of chronic illnesses. So here is a list of my mini-realisations over the years, I’ll get onto the big one at the end.

  • Learning to take handfuls of tablets at a time is an utter godsend, otherwise you need to wee every few minutes.
  • The wheelchair isn’t something dreadful to be despised. Using one isn’t “giving up” and it isn’t “giving in”. It is freedom.
  • You really do learn who your friends are.
  • All relationships are tested to their extremes by chronic illness.
  • If you can get through the highs and lows of chronic illness and still have those relationships intact you can probably get through anything together.
  • Some doctors are very closed minded, list those that you are comfortable seeing and stick only to the list.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, if you think it is making you worse not better TRUST YOUR GUT and stop doing it immediately.
  • That there is always something positive in everyday, even on the worst days there will be something even if it’s SO tiny it seems impossible to find. Trust me, it’s there somewhere.
  • That with chronic illness depression is inevitable, it will be there but it will likely come and go. When it comes just hold on, it will pass for you, you are one of the lucky ones.
  • It’s okay to ask for help, you’ll still suck at it but learn to accept it.
  • When it’s all too much, when you’re over stimulated, hide. Go home, sit in the dark, rest, sleep, whatever just DO NOT push through it.
  • Sometimes you will do too much, you will suffer and it will all be worth it.
  • Sometimes you will do too much, you will suffer for it and it will NOT be worth it.
  • Only ever do 80% of what you think you can do, no more.

Finally the big one. Friends and family are everything. They support you, love you and get you through. And Wildchild, wow, just wow she gives you everything you need to smile and  carry on. She is everything. Oh and always, ALWAYS, just keep swimming.


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